Carlton Family

It’s been said that farming, specifically dairy farming, gets in your blood, and it’s hard to get it out. For us, that is entirely true. Louie Carlton started the dairy in 1946, and we have milked cows every day since. The result is a third generation - and counting! - dairy farm, with every family member contributing in one way or another to the farm’s survival and success.

Bobby & Gayla

Bobby and Gayla, the owners of Carlton Farms, can be found doing chores around the farm daily. They have three children; Chad, Brad, and Brooke; who are all involved with the farm operation. Farming can be a fickle business, but Bobby and Gayla have shown the necessary tenacity and creativity to guide Carlton Farms through the tough times.

Chad & Julie

Chad has a degree in Animal Science and Business, works full-time on the farm, and is responsible for Atlanta deliveries and production of beef, pork, and eggs. While Chad’s wife, Julie, has off-farm employment, she still enjoys getting her hands dirty on the farm when possible. They have three children: Jersey, Atticus, and Wren. Jersey loves all things nature, while Atticus loves tractors and combines.

Brad & Carol

Brad has a degree in dairy management from Utah State and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dairy as well as all field trips and school tour scheduling. Carol is a school teacher at a local elementary school. Brad and Carol have two children, Sara and Ty, who are both great students and can be found at the dairy most weekends working on their latest project.

Kendall & Brooke

Brooke is a nurse but often works on the farm as well – if you have been on a field trip to Carlton Farms, Brooke may have been your guide. Kendall works in law enforcement with the State of Georgia, and they have one child, Bax.



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